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How we do Business
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Lighthouse Business Advisors, LLC is dedicated to

Coaching Business Owners

To Achieve Their Dreams©

We help business owners define their options, evaluate the consequences, and make choices that will lead them to Success.


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How We Do Business – Part One – Benefits
(Note:  This page is an excerpt from a standard Engagement Letter.  This content is a part of our agreement with every client.)


In all of the activities performed on behalf of clients, we will be sharing the professional expertise and experience we have accumulated in over thirty years of performing similar services for a variety of organizations.  Many times the ideas and suggestions are not revolutionary, but the advantages of using an outside advisor are numerous:

  1. Discipline – Business owners usually are better able to devote appropriate effort to long-term issues (in spite of the pressures of daily business needs that are so insistent) when they have committed to outsiders to make the effort.  Using an outside advisor is a commitment to devote time and energy to the very important strategic components of business management.
  2. Expertise – Access to valuable experience and expertise.  An independent advisor can bring expertise to the table; knowledge that you might never encounter in your own business experiences.
  3. Special Skills – An outside consultant generally has specialized in certain activities, allowing you access to a considerable depth of expertise.
  4. Objectivity – Most business owners have a biased perspective of there own position.  An outside advisor can ask tough questions, and you will benefit if you consider your business issues from an unbiased perspective.
  5. Extrapolative innovation – The ability to apply past successes from an enormous variety of previous projects, to achieve innovative solutions for the current challenges.
  6. Independence – Your staff, employees, family and friends all have existing relationships and personal objectives that can affect their judgment or influence, perhaps unconsciously, their recommendations.  An independent advisor can help you evaluate the input you receive from others.
  7. Credibility – By retaining a firm with a well-known reputation for achieving quality results, such as Lighthouse Business Advisors, LLC, you gain significant respect in the marketplace.  Lenders, investors, suppliers and other business associates will have more respect for you and the proposed transaction, because you appreciate and understand that top-quality talent will help you to achieve your goals.

@Copyright 2006, Robert R. Cockrell and Lighthouse Business Advisors,LLC