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Makapuu Point Lighthouse Photo Print

Copyright 2005, Bob Cockrell and Lighthouse Business Advisors, LLC


This photo was taken in black & white in 1941, by my father-in-law, Bud Etsinger.  My mother-in-law, Emily Etsinger, hand-painted the colors.  When I founded Lighthouse Business Advisors, Emily gave me the original, hand-painted photo, which I scanned.  I have cropped and edited it for various purposes.  The image above is a low-res version of the original scan.

Bud was a civilian employee of the U.S. Navy. He did electrical work on Navy ships.  Emily was a surgical nurse, also employed by the Navy, working at a local hospital in Honolulu.  One Sunday morning in December 1941, Bud over slept and missed his appointment.  Good thing, because at shortly after 7:00 AM that morning, the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor sank that ship and many others.  Bud took home movies of the devastation resulting from the attack.  I have what’s left of those movies.  After the Navy censors got through, all you can see are clouds of smoke billowing up from the harbor.  When Emily realized what was happening, she went back into their base housing apartment and took a shower.  She realized that the wounded wouldn’t arrive at the hospital for an hour or two, and that she wouldn’t have time to take another shower for several days.

Bud & Emily remained stationed in Hawaii throughout World War II.  They returned to the states by steamship  in early 1946, with baby Beverly in a homemade folding cradle (yes, we still have it).

Notice that the roof of the lighthouse is black in this photo.  Later photos show it with a red roof.


Photo credit: Lighthouse Friends.com