Wednesday, 26 June 2019
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Lighthouse Business Advisors, LLC is dedicated to

Coaching Business Owners

To Achieve Their Dreams©

We help business owners define their options, evaluate the consequences, and make choices that will lead them to Success.


Guiding Your Journey To Success
  • Strategic planning

    - Helping Entrepreneurs to run profitable businesses

    - Specializing in Family Businesses
        - Succession Planning
        - Ownership Transition
        - Organizational Development
        - Roles of family members and non-family executives

    - Strategic Planning:
        - Where do you want to go?
        - How do you get there?
        - What do you have to do TODAY to make it happen?

    - Understanding the dynamics of your business;

    - Maximize value for the sale of your business

    - Business plans to improve the management process, and loan packages for financing

  • Mergers and acquisitions

    - Strategy -- Should I Merge or Acquire?
    - Due diligence --
    - Transaction management -- Get the Deal Done
    - Integration -- Making it work, after the closing

  • Corporate Recovery

    - Crisis management
    - Turnaround
    - Workout