Compliments and Accolades from Satisfied Clients:

Seller of a manufacturing business:
“You don’t know how much it means to have this done right”
The buyer in that same transaction:
“Thank you so much for …finding and completing a good deal for both parties. How rare that is.”

Owner of a food service and catering company:
“Thanks for helping me to obtain new financing.  But the real value of the planning process is that I understand the dynamics of my business much better now.”

From another professional involved in this same project:
“Bob did an excellent job with one of my clients helping them update their business plan and creating a RFP with the purpose of refinancing the company's debt and securing a larger line of operating credit. Everything was handled both efficiently and professionally, and the outcome was much better than expected.”

Owner of a nationally recognized furniture dealership:
“You were the right man at the right time for us.”

“I’m grateful that you have helped to temper my resolve at times.”

One partner in a real-estate development firm (We meet every week to address strategic issues):
“I feel so much better after our sessions.  This is like therapy!”